We develop and produce customized cardboard packaging for the most varied products and markets.

Slide Compact cardboard with
numerous possibilities of papers or fabrics for lining and with different closing systems.
cardboard boxes
Slide Noble woods or ordinary, printed or with pyrography. Wooden Boxes Slide Compact cardboard with numerous possibilities of a combination of papers or fabrics and woods for coating. Mix Boxes

Techniques Used


Metallic, matte or shiny, not just gold or silver, and even holographic. Thermostamping enhances the sensory value of the package by giving it a sophisticated touch and a premium look.


The senses are sharpened, the touch is keen. Textures transform the experience we have with the package. Whether it’s a number, a symbol or a character the difference is visible and grants an extra charm to any piece.


Detach from the conventional and give wings to imagination, attributing particular shapes to the package. A stimulus, a visual appeal, a sensory experience and a differentiated way of interaction between the customer and the package.

UV Varnish

Localized, with matte or glossy finishes, allowing contrasts to be enhanced. Characteristics such as opacity, phosphorescence, volume, reading with black light for safety purposes and the joint application of synthetic materials attribute unique possibilities to this technique, making it so versatile and glamorous.


Long-standing, the art of stamping with hot iron brings us back to the origins, to tradition.