Whistleblowing Channel

(Law nº93/2021)

The company Greca – Artes Gráficas, Lda. provides an internal Whistleblowing Channel, where irregularities, inappropriate conduct or non-compliance with internal rules can be reported. The reporting channel may be used by company employees, interested third parties, namely Partners, Suppliers, Service Providers or Customers, even if the professional relationship has, in the meantime, ended. All communications will be treated independently and confidentially, guaranteeing the protection of your personal data, and you can maintain anonymity, mentioning this intention at the beginning of your communication. Though, the reporting decision must be made consciously, thoughtfully and honestly. The company will ensure a response to all reported situations. To report irregularities, you must use the following email address: comercial@greca.pt.
Complaints are excluded from the scope of application of this reporting channel, particularly those related to customer service and products sold, which must be submitted directly to the company through the available contacts.